About Us

What is in our kits?

Our hand-assembled kits are composed of essential, high-quality products that serve to fulfill their main purpose: enhance one's hygiene.

Each of our kits contain one toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, deodorant, body wash, razors, and feminine products for the kits designed specifically for females. We also include one reusable face mask and hand sanitizer in all of our kits to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and equip our recipients with the finest safety products. 

Though the purpose of these essential products may be overlooked, we understand how powerful these products are to those who don't have sufficient access to them. By giving out these kits, we are giving out hope and perseverance for the future. 

Our History


  • Parker Ford
    Founding and Managing Director

    In 2016, Parker recognized the homeless's lack of accessibility to adequate hygiene products and set out to make a lasting change by creating Hygiene for the Homeless Canada (H4H). Parker acknowledged that H4H needed to continue its expansion across Canada to maximize the organization's impact on the global issue of homelessness and took the initiative to facilitate the formation of multiple student-run branches across the nation. Currently, he spends his time managing the various branches' leadership teams, furthering H4H's growth across the country, and working with 3rd party non-profit organizations to provide support for those in need. His goal for 2022 is to begin implementing long-term solutions to combat the global homelessness crisis.

Executive Team

London Branch

  • Parker Ford

    Parker Ford is a Fourth Year student at Western University. Since an early age, he has always had a strong passion for giving back to his community. When Parker is not working on global humanitarian issues, he can be found exploring the outdoors, pursuing various entrepreneurial ventures, and spending time with his two year old poodle.               

  • Jehaan Nanavaty
    Director of IT and Communications

    Jehaan Nanavaty is a Second Year Economics student at Western University. Jehaan is always ready to help out when someone is in need and tries to learn something new from everyone he meets. In his free time, Jehaan enjoys golf, swimming, and coding.

  • Andrei Rudtchenko
    Director of Finance

    Andrei Rudtchenko is a second year student attending Western University, currently studying Honors Economics. An avid reader, musician, and car enthusiast; Andrei makes use of his spare time by playing guitar, staying fit by playing basketball and tennis, following Formula 1, and reading anything from novels to the history of Nike Air Jordans.

  • Miles Bolton
    Director of Advertisement

    Miles Bolton is a Second Year student at Western, studying in both the faculties of Information and Media Studies, and Arts and Humanities. Miles enjoys getting involved in student-run clubs and combining his love for both media production and graphic design. In his spare time, Miles enjoys travelling, meeting new people, and watching sports.

  • Livia Ursu
    Co-Director of Outreach

    Livia Ursu is entering her fifth year at Western, finishing up her double major in Criminology and French Studies. From a young age, she has enjoyed helping others. She enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and dog, watching crime shows and documentaries, and travelling.

  • Joylene Kingsley
    Director of Volunteer Coordination

    Joylen Kingsley, is a third-year Medical Science student double majoring in pathology and physiology. She is very active in her community and loves to volunteer, she believes that change starts at home. In her free-time Joylen enjoys drawing, binging TV shows, and hiking.

  • Tiah Dunston
    Director of Volunteer Coordination

    Tiah Dunstan is a second year political science student at Western, planning on completing a dual degree with Ivey Business and political science. In her spare time Tiah enjoys spending time with her friends, watching documentaries, and being outside in nature.

  • Sameer Madan
    Co-Director of Recruitment

    Sameer Madan is in his second year at Western University, pursuing a major in Psychology while holding an Advanced Entry Opportunity to the HBA program at the Ivey Business School. He values spending time with loved ones, exercising, playing sports and travelling.

  • Jacob Chacko
    Co-Director of Recruitment

    Jacob Chacko is a second year Medical Sciences student at Western University. Jacob has always felt that growing and helping others grow to their better selves allows one to find their greater purpose. In his spare time, Jacob enjoys playing soccer, going for drives, and swimming.

Toronto Branch

  • Sameer Madan

    Hygiene for the Homeless Toronto has given me a platform to induce change for the better in Toronto and surrounding communities. Hygiene is often a forgotten matter of concern regarding the homeless population, and I hope that establishing the Toronto Branch can bring me one step closer to my goal of aiding those in distress.

  • Sami Zahid
    Director of Finance

    In his second year at Ryerson University, Sami Zahid is studying Accounting and Finance, with a specialization in Finance. He has a passion for investing, and he enjoys monitoring financial markets as his pastime. 

  • Jeffrey Blake
    Director of Operations

    Jeffrey Blake is in his first year as a plumbing apprentice for Firenza Plumbing & Heating Inc. and is pursuing a career in the given field. He has a passion for helping people and enjoys spending time with friends, family, and dog Daisy.

  • Keshav Pabbi
    Director of Recruitment

    Keshav Pabbi is a second-year student in the Honours Specialization Psychology program at York University. He has been passionate about self-growth for many years, and his hobbies include reading, working out, and playing the guitar.


  • Kartikay Pabbi
    Director of Communications and Outreach

    Kartikay Pabbi is in his second year of studies at the University of Guelph, majoring in the honours Biomedical Science program. As a prospective medical student, he recognizes the importance of good hygiene from a health and social perspective. Kartikay wants to create a lasting change in the less fortunate communities of Toronto. He is passionate about volunteering, networking with new people, and spending time with those he loves.